Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Hair-Raising Experience!

This morning we had a nice breakfast with Alexis, after which we said goodbye as he headed off to spend the holidays with his family.

Then we headed off to Church.

On the way back home, we had an exhausted little girl on our hands...she didn't even finish eating her cereal bar before nodding off!

After her nap, Daddy allowed me to keep napping and he went out to play with Isis. I woke up not too long afterwards, though. I'd had a horrible dream, too horrible to write here in our blog, but one that I won't soon forget. I went to the backyard and Cameron comforted me as I cried in his arms. Alegria was oblivious to my sorrow as she played with Isis and wandered around in our winter-brown lawn:

Then we went to the front yard for Cameron to try to teach Isis to jump into the bed of his truck. Alegria, of course, had to get in on the action, too:

After a while of Isis not wanting to jump up, Cameron brought up the truck gate to see if Isis would at least take a treat from the bumber.

That wasn't happening either, so after a few futile attempts, we decided to call it a day and went back to the backyard:

We'll have to try again on another occasion.

Back inside we had a snack. Alegria has gotten into this phase where she HAS to have whatever we're having, whether it be chips:

Or salad (or milkshake as we found out a few days ago!):

Or even Monsters:

If we really want anything anymore, we can't have it in front of Alegria or else she fusses and fusses! And as I mentioned in an earlier blog, "parents want quiet!"

So Daddy distracted Alegria for a little while to get her to not want his Monster Energy drink:

Let's see that static-y hair!!!

Oh! Miss Thang got a phone call!

So you think you're too "cool" for your parents, Alegria? Well...can you stand the chill of a Monster on your back?

After that, don't you think she deserves a taste of the Monster, too?

Oops! I guess she's not ready for drinking out of pop cans yet!!!

But ready for bed...that she is:

And so are we.

Good night everyone!!!

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