Monday, December 21, 2009

A Seat of Her Own

This morning I tried feeding Alegria cereal and milk in a bowl for breakfast. She did ok with it, but milk is a little more tricky to get on a spoon than pudding, so maybe we'll have to try again when she's a little older.

Playing with the bar stools and happy as a clam!

Starting today, Daddy gets two weeks of early release at work, which means that we get to see him at about noon and til the rest of the day! YIPPEE!!! So when Daddy got home from work, we played outside for a little bit. As always, when Daddy threw Alegria up in the air, she thoroughly enjoyed it!

Back inside, we relaxed a little bit.

Then because it was still such a beautiful day outside when Alegria woke up from her nap, we went for a walk.

Upon our return home, though, Alegria did NOT want to get out of her stroller!!!

So we brought it inside and she got to have a seat of her own right in the living room!

What's that? You want water? (She's signing "water" in sign language.)

One water, coming right up!


For about a whole 20-30 minutes (while we watched "The Simpsons," which Alegria LOVES), Alegria remained in her stroller without so much as a peep!

Then she found herself another quite suitable spot to sit herself down:

By the looks of it, you'd think SHE owns this house! ;)

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