Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Perfect Hiding Place

We slept in a little this morning...even Alegria didn't get up until almost 8! When she did finally get up, Daddy was still sleeping, so she and I watched Baby Signing Time:

When Daddy finally got up, I asked and he chose biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Alegria decided this was the perfect opportunity to master the use of a fork!

As I was cleaning up after breakfast, Alegria found the perfect hiding spot!

She did this all on her own!!!

The rest of the morning, we just relaxed. Cameron and Cyrus went riding and then it was time for Alegria's nap.

While Alegria napped, I went back to Wal-Mart for more ingredients (I mis-counted yesterday and didn't get enough stuff).

When Alegria woke up from her nap, she cuddled with Daddy and Big Bear on the couch and watched some football:

Cameron drinking a Monster with his cap backwards = HOT!!! ;)

When Alegria asked for a snack, I gave her a PBJ sandwich...and it sure wasn't a fluke yesterday...she loves sandwiches now, YAY!!!

Just playing:

Daddy showing Alegria his mad skills at bouncing a ball on an oar:

So I made another green bean casserole and this time we took it to our Church Christmas party. Everything was delicious! Don't believe me? Ask Alegria! She loved the food so much she decided to wear some of it!

We didn't stay too long, though. Not only did Alegria need to go to bed, but also, Cameron had been out in the field for a week and we wanted to spend some time together...

So have a good night and see you tomorrow!!! :)

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