Monday, December 28, 2009

Horse Races

This morning we got to spend it with Lorelehi. We played outside for a little while. First, in the backyard, and then in the front yard. When we got to the front, Alegria kep wanting to walk over to the neighbor's yard, but because they have an automatic sprinkler system and for some reason they have left it on so far this winter (even though it hasn't helped the lawn at all!), the lawn was wet and we had to keep cutting Alegria off from going over there so that she wouldn't get all wet herself:

Luckily, she got distracted by the window ledge and Lorelehi was able to keep her away from the neighbor's lawn by helping her sit up on it:

Then we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Lorelehi helped with Alegria while I went about shopping. What a relief to have someone to watch Alegria while I shop! Usually it takes me so long to get through with the grocery shopping because Alegria needs a snack or she wants to be held or she wants to walk around or when she's down she's pulling stuff off the get the picture...! :)

Sadly, Lorelehi eventually had to leave to drive back up to Dallas. :(

Daddy was home early, though, so we got to hang out with him. Alegria showed him her skills at riding:

And then she challenged him to a race!

So cute!!!

Later on, Alegria wanted Daddy to "read" her the new coffee table book we got, so Daddy took her on his lap and showed her the pictures and told her the story of that Christmas Eve in 2004 when he and I were engaged and he was home meeting my family and it snowed...and so he and I ran barefoot in the snow!!! What a crazy bunch of kids we were back then...crazy in love! And now we're just a crazy bunch of parents, still so much more crazy in love!

And finally towards the end of the night, we knew Alegria was tired when she began acting silly as she peered at us from underneath an open door of the entertainment center! Surely, she's delirious! ;)

Now she's off to bed and soon it will be our turn!

Have a wonderful night!!! :)

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  1. I love the Daddy and Daughter horse racing pics. So cute!


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