Saturday, December 5, 2009

But You Don't NEED Makeup!

At breakfast, we had Baby Signing Time on in the background. At one point, the babies and children on the TV were sleeping...and Alegria signed "sleep!" So I asked her to sign "sleep" again and she did:

As I was getting ready later on in the morning, Alegria was going through my drawers that have all of my makeup and hair styling usual. Today was different, though. Instead of just looking and emptying, she decided to try on Mommy's makeup as eyeliner, to be exact!

Alegria: "I have to put eyeliner on, Mommy...just like you!"

But you don't NEED eyeliner, Sweetie! And missed your eyes by a mile!!! :oP

After her nap, we sat down and had a snack while we waited for Abilehi to come over. Alegria is getting better at feeding herself with a spoon! She doesn't hold the spoon upside down anymore and she's able to get more on it!

Then we played in the living room while we waited some more. Alegria was climbing into the entertainment center shelf backwards and I was hoping she'd do it again so I could capture it on video:

When Abilehi showed up, I finished getting Alegria ready and we all headed out.

Our first stop was Party-n-Jump, a party supplies store. I had talked to Abilehi at about 9:15 this morning and she was going to meet up with another girl to get decorations for their young single adult Christmas party. At about 4, when I talked to Abilehi again, she was STILL out shopping! It turns out they'd gone to multiple places and couldn't find round red plastic tablecloths. So I called this party place in Copperas Cove (they'd been shopping in Killeen and Harker Heights) and they had some...YAY! :)

After that, we went to Wal-Mart, where we witnessed a beautifully-painted sunset sky:

God's the greatest artist!

Back home, Abilehi and I quickly unloaded the groceries. Soon thereafter, the Hawkins showed up...laden with good things to eat! They had come for dinner and to watch the Big 12 Championship game between Texas and Nebraska. Yeah, sorry, I don't know the team names. I'm more into the NFL...not so much with the college ball...yet. Maybe Cameron can get me to like it someday...who knows!

While we were eating, the little ones played. Little Josh had already eaten and Alegria was more interested in playing than in dinner, so I let her be. And be she did. She found my hoodie and asked me to help her put it on...and what happened next is so funny I wish I had been video taping rather than taking still shots...Alegria was walking around with the hoodie so far down over her eyes that she was literally walking blind...and she walked right into the wall!!! We laughed so hard!!! It was too funny!!! I would have won the $100,000 prize from America's Funniest Home Videos for that one! Darn!!! :(

So I tried video taping her afterwards to see if she would do the same thing...but the moment was over. However, she does look cute walking around like a little druid:

After dinner, Abilehi and I got busy sorting the laundry and starting a load to wash. Well...the children wanted to play in one of the laundry baskets and they were being so cute, I just had to take a video! (It's kind of I'm guessing only those who truly love my child and Andrea's child will endure the whole 5 minutes of child's play!):

Don't ask. I don't know why she likes to pat his head and feel his hair! I've felt it. Yes, it's soft...but so is hers and I don't see her rubbing her own hair all the time!!!

Then we headed into the living room...but the kids kept wanting to play in the laundry basket! In this video, Little Josh ends up sitting on Alegria's lap and Alegria throws quite the fit!

The game didn't end until 10:30...and neither did the playing! Yes, Alegria and Little Josh stayed up the whole time! They are such good little play buddies!

Alegria went to sleep rather fast once the Hawkins were gone and she was in her pajamas, teeth brushed, and songs sung.

And now I should go to bed, too...

Have a wonderful night!!!

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