Friday, November 18, 2011

Another Successful Recipe!

This morning it was the usual routine...workout, walk, shower, play.

We would have had preschool, too, but while we were on our walk, Andrea texted me to tell me that she was sick and that she had to cancel preschool (she was teaching this week).  So, we walked a whole nother lap with our friends before heading home to play.  :)

While we played, Alegria did some fun stuff, as always:

For breakfast I made French Toast using my new cookbook.  I'm using sweet potato in as many recipes as I can this week, so that's sweet potato you see plopped in that shallow dish along with the eggs and cinnamon:

My healthy French Toast was a hit!  Both Alegria and Odette loved it and ate it all up (don't be fooled...Alegria really did like it...she was just engrossed in a cartoon she was watching and so she didn't smile!)!

Something else Alegria did today during playtime: 

When Odette woke up from her nap, I gave the girls the leftover Wafflewiches for lunch.  They were more than happy to finish them off!

Odette also had some applesauce...

...and boy, was it messsssy!!!

I almost had to give Odette a bath before we headed over to see our friend, Heidi...

When we got to Heidi's house, as we were standing on the porch waiting for the door to be opened after we'd already rung the doorbell, we could hear Heidi's boys running Alegria said, "Hi kids!  It's me-eee!"  It was SOOO cute!!!  Lol!!!  :)

While Beth and I visited with Heidi, Alegria and Odette played.  Alegria went straight to the boys' bedroom to play with their toys.  Odette stayed in the living room and played with some toys that were out there.

Finally we went back home.

At the same time that we had been visiting Heidi, Cameron had been making some remarks at the Fox Troop Change of Responsibility Ceremony:

1st Sergeant Villalobos is leaving and 1st Sergeant Morgan is taking his place:

Lots of pomp and circumstance in the Army!

When Daddy got home from work, the girls had fun having him swing them up into the air!  I got more pictures, but they came out really blurry...still getting used to the fast action feature on my new camera, but those just didn't come out at all, so I will only post this one:

Later on, I accompanied Alegria into the bathroom.  Odette always wants to come in there with us, but she tends to open the cabinets and wants to play with things she's not supposed to and touch things she shouldn't, so I usually close the door behind Alegria and me to keep her out.  She sometimes whines...but for the most part she just sits out in the hallway until we come out.

Well, today, I could hear her...and then I saw this little hand sticking into the bathroom from under the door...and this is what I saw:

What a cutie!!!  :)

Since we'd already had dinner and it was bedtime by the time Alegria and I were about to leave the bathroom, I decided Alegria should just brush her teeth right then and there and get it done before Odette had to come in to brush her teeth so it wouldn't be too crowded.  Well, Alegria got lazy and didn't want to use her stool while brushing her teeth tonight:

And that was our day!

Have a good night!  :)

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