Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cloud Gazing

We got to church early today...nice.  :)

Today at church, the children presented the annual Primary Program.  They did an excellent job!  There was soft background music played throughout the whole thing, the children sang the songs loudly and clearly, and everyone with a speaking part spoke very well.  It was all very beautiful.

During the second and third hours, they asked for a volunteer for the nursery and I went and helped in there.  It was a long two hours.  For the most part, the nursery children were well-behaved, but there were a few tantrums, a bit of climbing on tables and chairs, and a bit of fighting over toys...nothing that Sister Deluca and I couldn't handle, though.  :)  While I was in the nursery, Cameron kept Odette with him and luckily, she was well-behaved and not fussy.

On our way home from church, Alegria all of a sudden said, "It's Doralee, Mommy!  It's a fish!"  So I asked what was and she pointed out that the clouds looked like a fish!  She also said that the other cloud was "a in Little Mermaid!"  Can you see it?

Back home, Odette went down easily for a nap after lunch and Alegria played with her toys while I napped and Cameron watched some football.  Upon ending my nap, Alegria came up to me to tell me hi and give me a hug and I noticed a bulge at the foot of her pantyhose:

She had her baby elephant and her baby rhino in there!!!  Silly girl!!!  What this child won't think of next!!!  (By the way, yes, I know those pantyhose are navy blue and not black...she had no black ones in her size and it was a chilly she had to make due...oh well!)

Aunt Abilehi came over for dinner, but before eating, she and the girls had a little time to just play...


Tickle Monster:

And Airplane:

It was a great day! 

Have a great night!!!  :)

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