Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wafflewiches and Snakes!

It was No-TV Wednesday in our home again today.  This is the second week in a row.  After our walk this morning, Alegria threw a little fit when she asked to watch a movie and I explained to her that we wouldn't be turning the TV on today and that we had lots of toys to play with.  Eventually the fit ended and sure enough, she and Odette played well together while I got ready for the day.

Odette went down for her morning nap, and when I went to get her after an hour, she looked so cute cuddled up with her baby doll, I just had to get a picture...and I realized that I used to get a lot of pictures of Alegria sleeping and I have hardly any of Odette here's one to make up for it!

Then it was time for lunch and I was excited to try a new recipe from my new cookbook.  Today I chose to make Waffle Sandwiches...or "Wafflewiches."

The ingredients:

The ingredients in the Magic Bullet and ready to be blended (except for the bread, of course!):

I love my Magic Bullet!  It blends so well!  What a creamy mixture of cottage cheese, brown sugar, sweet potato, egg, and a tiny bit of salt!

Ready to be waffled (I don't think that's a word...):


Even Alegria cleaned up her plate!  This recipe was a success!  :)

After lunch, we played in Alegria's room for a little while.

Odette, our Darling Little Daredevil:

When Odette went down for her afternoon nap, Alegria and I worked on some crafts. 

First, we made a snake.  She made a lot of little short tubes by gluing strips of green paper together using a glue stick.  Then she helped me string the tubes together using a needle and thread.  I had to finish most of that last part...she had trouble putting the needle through the paper, so I did that and then let her pull on the needle to pull the string through:

Then we made a zebra and she had a lot of fun playing with the two!

Shortly after Odette woke up, Daddy came home and had brought home some dry erase markers for Alegria to write on her white board with.  Up to now, she only had a black one, so getting an array of colors was so very you can see by the sheer joy in Odette's face!

Alegria consumed with coloring:

Odette clearly wanted to color, too, but dry erase markers are not something we want her playing with, so we gave her Color Wonder markers to color with...and that was just fine with her!

Thank you, Crayola, for inventing Color Wonder markers!  This is EXACTLY why we are glad we didn't let her play with the dry erase ones!!!

Odette: "Come closer so I can draw on you, too!"

When it came time to get dinner ready, we all headed over to the living room and played out there.  Alegria and Daddy invented some kind of game where Daddy wore one of Alegria's Pillow Pets on his head as a hat:

After dinner it was bath time.  Alegria has been helping me wash her hair recently (of course, only after I've already made sure it's been washed thoroughly first!):

Then we played some more in Alegria's room...since the bigger and better toys are in there.  :)  Odette even wore Mrs. Potatohead's glasses to read:

And that was our fun-filled Wednesday!

G'night!  :)

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