Saturday, November 26, 2011

Partying with Max and Chuck!

We started off our day on a good note...homemade waffles! It being a holiday weekend and all, I let the girls indulge with candy sprinkles on their waffles...and I even let Alegria pour her own!


Then we just had fun coloring and playing:

Look at this little belly!  Odette eats well and I can't for the life of me see why her doctor has been worried about her growth!  She has a weight-check appointment coming up because she lost weight from her 9-month to her 12-month appointment and went down to the 1% in weight for her age group.  Cameron and I have smaller can't it be that we just have small babies...?

And look at these cute little curls on the back of her head...!  Alegria's hair used to be straight...but then it started getting curly in the back, just like Odette's hair is doing!  Will Odette also have a full head of curly hair like her sister...?  Only time will tell!!!  :)

Oops!  It's my fault for teaching Alegria to pinch booties!  Haha!  Every time I'd be dressing Alegria, I'd give her a little pinch and say "pinch-y, pinch-y!"  Now she does it to Odette!  Lol!

Odette: "I'm good, right, Mommy?  I've gained enough weight, right?"

Odette: "What do you mean you're not sure?!"  :(

While I finished getting ready, I sent Cameron to go finish getting the girls ready.  A little bit later, I took a glance at Odette and asked Cameron if she dressed here he is explaining to me why this shirt and pants DO match...

His explanation?  There's white in the shirt AND white in the well as the other colors, too. 


We were finally ready to go and headed over to Chuck E. Cheese's.  A high school friend of mine just recently moved to Killeen and she invited us to her little boy's birthday party...he's turning three and is about Alegria's age!  I was very excited to go...not only because Alegria loves Chuck E. Cheese's (even though this is only her second time going!), but also because I was going to see my friend that I hadn't seen in so long!!!  :)

As soon as we arrived, Alegria and Cameron went to go play...

...while I stayed with Odette and renewed an old friendship with Nancy.  :)

While we visited, Nancy's brother and sister-in-law asked me how old Odette was...guessing 7 months...?  And I told them that no, she was 15!!!  They were surprised, but said that she looked so little compared to their little boy who was only 10 months and good-sized!

No matter...I love my little tiny, dainty Odette (even though she was being REALLY fussy ever since we showed up at Chuck E. Cheese's):

I don't know why Odette was being so fussy...well, actually, I do.  I had tried getting her to nap and she didn't today...of all days when I really wanted her to take a long nap because I knew we were going out tonight!  Of always happens that way, right?  Poor thing...I wished she would just fall asleep in my arms while I talked with my friend, but she didn' then I started getting worried if she was sick...

Once the pizza arrived, the children were rounded up to come and eat and Cameron offered to take Odette with him back to Hobby Lobby to return a few items so that I could enjoy visiting with Nancy and so that Alegria could also enjoy the party.  So that's what we did.

The Birthday Boy and his mommy!

Excited for cake!

Giving the Birthday Boy a Birthday Hug!

Playing with the lizard toys she got with her tickets from playing games with her tokens:

Max's birthday cake:

Chuck arrives and the festivities officially begin!

Unfortunately, Odette was still being very fussy by this time.  She had fallen asleep for a little bit in the car while Cameron drove over to Hobby Lobby, but then she woke up when they went in to return some stuff...and then she just kept whining and crying and crying and they came back and we left before the cake was cut and served.  Alegria was a little sad at first, but then she got happy when Nancy handed her and Odette a gift bag full of candies and prizes to take home.  :)

It was a fun time...I only wish Odette had been in a better mood for us all to enjoy a night "out on the town!"  :)

Now it's home again in hopes of getting Odette to sleep so she'll feel better in the morning!

Good night all and Happy Birthday Max!  Thanks for inviting us to your party!  We had fun!!!  :)

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