Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day 2011

I should NOT have left my sunglasses or hat on for this picture...or even left my sweater zipped up all the way to the top, either!  I look like such a dork!  :oP  Oh well.  Too late.  The pictures were taken and my hat and glasses and overall attire is horrendous, so please excuuuuuse meeeee!!!  In any case, this is just to show how we get all bundled up for our walks...yes, it may look sunny, but the wind makes it REALLY cold.  Lol!  As you can see, I have a wind cover on the stroller, which works really well to block the wind for both girls.  The two blankets on top are mostly to wrap the girls in if it's even colder than we far we haven't had to use them...but I like to be prepared!  (Yes, I could technically put them in the basket under the stroller, but they also helped insulate, too!)  And you can't see them very well, but both girls have their winter jackets and hats on.

When we got back from our walk, Cameron was working on his truck again:

So the girls and I stayed outside and hung out with him a little bit:

Once she plopped down to the ground, basically, Odette could no longer get back up, so she and I went inside and Alegria stayed outside and played for a little while longer while Daddy worked.

When Odette was down for a nap, I got ready and then finished preparing our hairbows that I had made yesterday night.  At first, I had put all of the bows on clips, but because the girls don't have as much hair as I do, the clips made the bows stick up on their heads more than I wanted, so I switched gears and made hairbands instead...the end result was much more to my liking:

Then it was time for us to go get our family pictures taken.  We got Odette up from her nap and got both girls dressed and went on our way.

Odette read books and played on the way (I know...Odette's shirt is a little big on her...they only had two of these red shirts left and both were size 3T, so for Odette, we used clothespins to pin the back during front shots and then put the clothespins on the front for back shots):

Alegria took a short nap:

At first, Odette was a little upset and cried, but eventually she warmed up to the photographer and we got some really good pictures! 

Finally, after our allotted time slot, the photographer gave each of the girls a lollipop for being so good and we left:

Me on the way home:

Back home, we watched some football and played.  Here are Daddy and Odette making an Alegria sandwich!

Alegria, Odette, and Big Bear:

We had a wonderful day today and are so very thankful to be able to have a brave Veteran as a husband and father. 

To all Veterans out there...thank you.

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