Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Stroller!!!

After our walk this morning, we came home, Odette took a nap, and I showered and got ready.  Then we went to story time at the library.

Odette got to work on the craft today!  It was good that for her first craft it was an easy one...all the kids had to do was color two stars which already had slits in them and then put the corresponding slits together.  I should have gotten a picture of their finished products, too, but I didn't:

There's always room for goldfish...!

Back home, once I came out of Odette's room after putting her down for her second nap of the day, I found this in the kitchen:

Alegria cracks me up!  How she even had the idea to have the animals climb on each other to reach up the cabinet, I don't know!!!

Daddy finally was home for the day and he and the girls played outside.  Odette even went down the slide by herself today!

Odette: "Daddy...you stand right there and be sure to catch me, please."

Odette: "You heard him, Mommy...he's going to stand right there and catch me..."

Odette: "Here goes nothing!"

Odette: "That was exhilarating!  I think I'll go again now that I now I'll be ok...!"

Odette: "Weeeee!  That was so fun!!!"

Alegria then decided her elephants needed a turn on the slide, too:

Then of course, it was her turn!

Finally we decided it was time to go and get some groceries for tonight's dinner:

Back home, as I was making dinner, the doorbell rang...and it was the UPS man delivering our new stroller!!!  Woo-hoo!!!

For a while I was convinced this was what I'd do and that by the time Odette was too big for the Bjorn carrier, that Alegria would be old enough to ride her bike alongside me as we went on our walks...


...but with winter coming and the mornings getting so chilly with the biting wind (and Alegria not ready for a 2.5-mile bike ride in the cold), I realized that there was no way that I could get Odette bundled up well enough to face the bitter cold on our walks and that I would have to invest in something better.  I've seen double strollers and they look so bulky (width-wise) and that did not appeal to me.  Well, my friend, Shannon told me that she'd had a Sit-N-Stand for her two kids and that she loved it and so I've looked into them and read reviews and I finally got one! 


Odette now gets to ride up front, and Alegria gets the back, with two options of riding...either sitting:

...or standing!  

I can't wait to use our new stroller on our walk tomorrow morning!  I'm so excited!!!

And it seems both girls are, too!

Unfortunately, it looks like Alegria really likes the front and Odette really likes the back...I wonder how tomorrow morning will go...!

Have a great night, everyone!!!  :)

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