Thursday, November 3, 2011

Show Me the Money!

Last year, a week before Cameron left to Iraq, he came home with a beautiful fall bouquet for me...just because:

I kept the artificial leaves that came with the bouquet...and this year, I made a new centerpiece to display with those very same leaves:

After our walk this morning, the girls played and watched some TV in the master bedroom while I got ready...then we headed over to playgroup.  It was at Alicia's house today.

Odette was intrigued by this toy and I helped her rock back and forth on it.  She loved it and I only wish I had had my hands free to video tape her little face full of glee as I rocked her on it!

The girls had a great time playing, but I knew Odette was getting was I rounded them up and we had our packed lunch of ham sandwiches, carrot sticks, cream cheese rolls, and wheat thins.  Alicia provided the drinks and dessert...home made ice cream sandwiches...YUM!  :)

After lunch, the girls went right back to playing.  Alegria took over the rocking toy that Odette was playing with earlier and first used it as a crib for a stuffed elephant of Sky's...and then she used it as a secret hiding place!  That girl has a wild imagination!!!

Odette played with some blocks...we've been teaching her to build towers instead of topple them over and she's doing so well now with that!  She also discovered Baby Jace's jumperoo and wanted to play in it...until I put her in it and then she wasn't so sure!  Hahah!

We left a little after 2.  Daddy was already on his way home and he arrived shortly after I put Odette back down for a nap.  He gave Alegria some coins and used that moment to teach her a lesson on finances.  He taught her how to count her coins and taught her a little about why she should save her money.  She loves putting coins in her elephant bank and had a great time emptying it a few times, stacking her coins, and then putting them back in!

Cameron had to leave for Cub Scouts by 5:45, so I got started on dinner while he unpacked his duffel and he and the girls watched some TV (by now Odette was up already).  I was in the kitchen when all of a sudden I heard Alegria come running out of the bedroom yelling "She got marker on me!"  I wasn't quite sure what she was talking about...until I got a good look at Alegria:

Caught red-handed!  Or should I say "green" handed?!

I don't think she thought there was anything wrong with what she did:

She did NOT like getting cleaned up with a cottonball doused in alcohol:

For dinner we had white rice topped with beef stew...and Frontier Pies cornbread made from a mix that our friends Jerry and Sandy McArthur gifted to was my first time making cornbread and boy, was it tasty!

The rest of the night was pretty low-key.  We took some pictures:

Swept the floors:

And the girls had baths.  I was even able to get some cute pictures of Odette in a robe that my brother, Helaman gave to Alegria, that Odette's pretty much outgrown now, too! 

Odette: " says here to only use a pea-size amount of toothpaste..."

Odette: "Mmm...this is good stuff...what all is in it?"

And that was our day.

Good night!

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