Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Waco for Lunch

This morning, as usual, I brought a few toys to our bedroom so the girls could play while I showered and got ready.  One of the toys I brought in today happened to be a butterfly net.  Alegria put it on over her head and I found that to be hilarious!

As I was getting the girls dressed, I got a great idea for a picture...or two...or three...  ;)


After having some photography fun with my little Alegria butterfly, we left to go to Waco.  Cameron needed me to purchase a few things at the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Store in Waco for a pack meeting tomorrow night where he would be handing out some awards to some of his Cub Scouts.  He was at work and couldn't make it over there in time before it closed this evening, so here I came to save the day!  :)

I'd never been to the BSA store before, but Cameron said it was easy to both girls in tow and with the car full of toys, a Christmas DVD playing, and snacks at the ready, we were on our way.

Cameron was right.  It was easy to find and it was not very busy in that little store, so we were in and out of there within ten, if not five minutes.

The girls had been such good sports on that drive that instead of having them wait to get home for lunch, I decided to treat them to McDonald's before going home.

Obviously, Alegria had had too many snacks on the way down because she didn't want to eat...she just wanted to play.  I had to coerce her to at least eat one chicken nugget...which took her almost a whole 30 minutes to eat as she held on to it and played rather than ate:

When she finally came and sat with us, all she ate were her fries:

She was very interested in the toy, however:

My two precious little girls and me:

Time to play!

The last thing on our agenda today was an FRG meeting.  We got there late, though, so it was pretty much a wasted trip onto Post...except that we got to see handsome Daddy for a few minutes before heading back home...and seeing him there again!  :)

Once home, the evening routine was...well...routine.

Now the girls are in bed and soon it will be my turn...

Good night!

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