Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daylight Saving Time Ends

I got up a little earlier than usual today.  I wanted to straighten my hair, but it's been so long since I have and I wanted to try a new technique and wasn't sure how long it would 4:45 was the magical hour. 

I showered and then straightened my took me only an hour and a half to straighten it!  Amazing!  In the past, it's taken me 2.5-3 hours for it to look nice and straight, but today it took less time and it looked great...if I do say so myself!  (Now I only wish I had taken a picture of it as soon as I was done!  Oh well!) 

Then I got the girls up.

As I was setting out the girls' outfits, I was running around from room to room...and when I walked into Alegria's room one of the times, Alegria was holding out a toy cupcake to Odette and singing the "Happy Birthday" song to her...and then told her to "blow it out!"  (There's a little candle on the cupcake.)  THEN she proceeded to sing the "Happy Birthday" song to herself!  Lol!  It was so cute and I thought that I had gotten a video of it...but apparently I still don't know how to work the video feature on the camera yet and only got a picture:

Odette is very interested in putting shoes on recently.  However, she's more successful at putting on shoes that are slightly big on her...

And of course, once I've taken a picture of Odette, Alegria wants a picture of herself, too!

After playing in Alegria's room for a little while (and making a big mess of it!), we went to wake Daddy up with hugs and kisses:

We went to church and even got there about 5 minutes early!  Woo-hoo! 

Church was fine.  I was afraid Odette would be fussy since she didn't get the memo on the time change and was up a whole hour early...but she actually did well for being as tired as she was.

When we got home, Cameron put her right down for a nap and she was OUT (she'd been having snacks throughout church, so we were sure she'd be fine and not need to be woken up from the sleepy daze she was in from the car ride to have lunch).

Cameron gave Alegria some lunch and I went to bed.  I was exhausted!  Cameron stayed up with Alegria and watched some football.

Once I woke up, we all just relaxed and then had some dinner. 

We played in Odette's room and I practiced taking pictures on my new camera some more:

I wish this next one would have come out better...without that funny yellowing and blur to it...!

More pics...


Me.  :)

All in all, it was a wonderful Sunday!

Good night everybody!!!  :)

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