Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Camera!

After six years of taking pictures with my beloved Canon Powershot SD1000:

I have now switched over to a Panasonic Lumix:

Unfortunately, my Canon camera has begun to have a bad pixelated blacked-out portion on the LCD screen.  It still works well, but every time I've used it since the day I saw that, I've been afraid that it will just one day not turn on when there's something I REALLY want to take a picture or video of...

Well, when Cameron was in Iraq, his camera got destroyed and so he decided on this Panasonic Lumix one as his replacement camera.  Had I known that when my Canon died that he'd just give me his (he only got a camera for when he was away...he doesn't really ever take pictures otherwise), I would have steered him towards the camera that I would have preferred.  But I didn't think that far ahead and now I'm stuck.

When I first used the Lumix, I was NOT a big fan of it...different brand, different buttons, different lots of stuff. I've been playing around with it, I've come to like it better.  First and foremost, it's got 8x optical zoom and is 14 mega pixels (my Canon was six years old and only 3x optical zoom and 7 mega pixels)...that makes for being able to take crisp pictures from far away!  Love that!  But I'm still getting used to its other features...

Anyway.  Today was the first day that I used the Lumix...

We went to San Antonio today for our monthly trip to the Temple.  We left by 7:25 and arrived by 9:45.  We still had to wait for my parents to get out of their session to leave the girls with them, so in the meantime, we let them stretch their legs and play in the cool morning air:

Odette just HAD to go and do what Alegria was doing...

Abilehi, Sadie and Almalia waiting with us for my parents to arrive:

After our session, we still had to wait for Abilehi and Sadie to join us, so we hung out outside the Distribution Center:

Alegria and her Aunt cute!

Then, as is our tradition, we headed over to Whataburger for lunch.  I just couldn't get enough pictures of Odette while she ate!  Her eyes still look so big in her head!  Gotta love big baby eyes!!!

On our way home, I played around a little more with the camera.

I got a picture of Cameron and me as we waited at a stop light:

And then a few of myself using different camera features:

It's become another tradition of ours to always make a stop at Cabela's on our way home from San Antonio.  Today they had a few new faces in the aquarium!

Cameron and the girls looking at the other displays:

Cute Odette!

Cute Alegria with the moose that she kept insisting we not miss looking at!  And you may notice there's an otter in the background, too...  :)

It was a fun, fun trip, as always!  And to top off our stupendous Saturday...we made it home just in time for the LSU/Alabama game!

Night y'all!!!  :)

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