Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sock Mitts

Sweet potato pancakes...

...they ate them all up!  :)

In the afternoon, we played in Alegria's room.  Odette again found Woody:

And Alegria prepared a very nice afternoon tea for us:

All of a sudden, as Alegria was picking up a tray of treats to hand to us, she exclaimed, "Ouch!  It's too hot!"  And then she proceeded to put on a pair of socks as oven mitts!!!  I tried getting her to say the whole "It's too hot!" thing again...

I love how imaginative Alegria is!!!

Odette had to excuse herself early from our tea party, though...she had some important emails to write:

Odette: "Haha!  Look at what my friend posted to her Facebook!"

Me: "Odette...I thought you couldn't stay and have tea because you had some important things to do on the computer..."

Odette: "I do.  Facebook is important to ME.  Now be quiet, please...I've got a great comment I want to write about my friend's post...!"

Odette: "Let's see what you say to THAT!  Haha!"

Odette: "Ok.  Play time is over.  I DO have to get this paper done now...  Darn Facebook.  I wasted thirty precious minutes on there...now I'll be up all night."

Later on in the evening, Odette found Alegria's Crocs and put them on all by herself...on the wrong feet...but on nonetheless! 

Awesome.  :)

Have a great night everyone!

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