Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Family Night Out

After our walk this morning, we went to the library for story time.

Story time was wonderful, as usual!  :)  Alegria loves making the craft and made this all by herself...well, except for the tree.  I drew the tree for her.  Come to think of it...I don't really help her with the crafts much anymore...she's so good at glueing and drawing now that she doesn't ask for my assistance anymore, so next time I think I'll help Odette make the craft so she can start developing her creativity, too! 

A picture with their favorite librarian!

Alegria is the perfect big sister and loves pushing Odette in the stroller:

We shared some Nerds candies after lunch and Odette ended up with one above her lip...a sweet and sugary beauty mark...?  :)

Tonight we had a little family outing to go to.  The Activity Day Girls (8-11 year old girls from church) had invited us to a family dinner that they were hosting as part of their achievements that they were working towards in their "Faith in God" books.  We gladly accepted the invitation.

When we arrived, everything was set up so beautifully!  The girls had hand-crafted the place mats and had made leis for everyone to wear! 

For dinner they served Hawaiian Hay Stacks...and boy, were they delicious!  For dessert we had sugar cookies that the girls had decorated themselves...YUM!

We sure had a great time!  And what's more...I didn't have to clean up after dinner!  :)

Cameron tried getting Alegria to eat a lemon slice after she'd already tried licking one...can you tell she didn't like it?  She tried getting as far away from it as possible!  

It was a wonderful end to a wonderful day!

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