Thursday, November 17, 2011

Birthday Lunch with Friends!

It's been so fun walking in the mornings!  Not only have I become stronger (from pushing two children around!), but the girls and I also get some fresh air in the mornings, AND we've made great new friends in our neighborhood!  One such friend is Carrie...and we all went out to lunch to celebrate her birthday today!

I've never been to a restaurant with Alegria and Odette "on my own" (without Cameron) before, so today was quite the experience!

We went to Logan's Roadhouse, where they had peanuts on the tables as an appetizer.  Alegria had never opened up a peanut before, but once I showed her how, that kept her content and busy.  She'd also never eaten a peanut before and at first didn't want to try one, but she saw me keep eating them and out of the corner of my eye I saw that eventually she began eating them, too, not just open them up for me!  :)

The conversation was lively and fun and the girls behaved pretty well, though they didn't eat most of their food...thank goodness the children's meal I purchased for the two to share (that they didn't even eat half of between the two of them!) was only $3.  :)

Finally it was time for cake!  Shannon made a delicious yellow cake with chocolate frosting and gummy Army men as decorations to celebrate Carrie's (10th year celebrating her) 29th birthday!

Placing the candles on the cake:

Copperas Cove Mom's Club friends!

Lighting the candles and then we sang!

Happy Birthday, Carrie!!!  Hope your day was every bit as great as you are!!!  :)

Lunch at a restaurant with both girls was not bad at all!  The only problem arose when Alegria asked to go to the bathroom.  Not all bathrooms have a handy little child's chair with restraints like they do at Walmart, and since I didn't want Odette crawling on the floor or touching anything that I didn't want her touching, I asked our friend, Sam, who was sitting next to us, to keep an eye on Odette while I went with Alegria to the bathroom. 

Well...I secretly call Odette "Static" because she likes to cling to me...moreso than Alegria ever did...and as soon as I was out of her line of sight, she curled her bottom lip down for a minute...and began to cry (is what Sam told me when she came to the bathroom with Odette only a minute later, looking for me so that Odette could see me).  Oh, child!  Lol!

I think the commotion of it all gave Alegria stage fright because then she decided she didn't want to relieve her bladder after all.  Oh, child!  Lol!!!  :)

So we all went back to our table and everyone was getting ready to leave, so we began gathering our stuff together, too.

And then we came home.

Daddy came home early from work today and washed his boots clean (the left boot, actually, was the one that needed to be cleaned because it has gotten a scuff from the pedal on his motorcycle).  Tomorrow they're having the Regimental Change of Command and he has a speaking part, so he has to look even spiffier than he already looks every day.  :)

We played outside and then came in for dinner.

The rest of the night we just played and then Daddy stayed with both girls at home and put them to bed while I went to church for our monthly Relief Society activity.  Today we learned about heating resources during power outages as well as water storage.  It was interesting and I learned a few new things.  Abilehi showed up after work, too, so it was fun to see her there tonight.  :)

Finally I went home to a quiet home and spent the rest of the night with Cameron, watching football and relaxing.

And now it's off to bed. 

Good night, y'all!!!  :)

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