Monday, November 21, 2011


There's really nothing interesting to post about today...

I worked out, the girls and I went on our walk, Alegria went to preschool, Cameron went to work.

I DID try one new thing on a beloved recipe for the girls: mini-pizzas with sweet potato in the sauce mix.  They had no idea that the sweet potato was in it and they ate it all up (the cookie cutter was for the bread...I have stopped buying bagels recently and so instead just cut circles out of Mrs. Baird's 7-Grain Bread for the pizzas...healthy and delicious!):

Aside from that, we pretty much just had a fun, relaxing day. 

Odette tried on Jessie's hat:

Alegria was creative while playing with her animals, as usual:

I sort of liked my hair today, even though it was pulled back:

And then Daddy came home and the girls had a ton of fun jumping on the trampoline with him:

It's a's a, it's a flying baby!!!

Alegria said, "I'm a bat!"

And that was our day!

Have a good night!  :)

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