Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lunch With Daddy!

I got up, worked out to Supreme 90, got the girls ready, we went on our walk, we came home, I showered and got ready, and then we went to story time...phew! 

It may not sound like much, but for someone like me who likes to take things slow and easy, I surprise myself at how fast I do things nowadays.  You should ask Cameron...back in the days before we had children, I would take my time and spend about 2 hours getting ready.  Now I have to not only get myself ready (shower, clothes, hair, makeup...), but I also have to make sure the girls are dressed with their hair done, toys for the car picked out, and diaper bag packed with snacks and diapers and everything else that we may or may not need while away from the house!  So for me to make it to things on time and put-together...well...I think it's quite the feat!  :)


Story time was fun, as always!  We talked about bedtime today, so the craft was sleepy moons!

I had already helped Odette make her craft, so while we waited for story time to begin, Odette played:

After story time, we left Copperas Cove and went to Fort Hood to bring Daddy a truck part that he needed.  When we arrived, Daddy asked if we wanted to go have lunch while we were there, so we went to a Subway in Killeen for a bite:

After taking Daddy back to his office, the girls and I went home.  Odette took a nap and Alegria and I played.  Once Odette woke up, we played some more...and made a mess of the living room!  Haha!  :)  It was fun, though, as always!  Our little girls are so cute and I love the way they play with each other!  They're going to be the best of friends, I can tell!!!  :) 

I think Odette's head is still a little large for her body, as well as her eyes.  She still has that disproportionate-very-babyish look to her, but it makes for such a cute little face that I just want to smoosh in and kiss, kiss, kiss!!!

Ahhh...sweet Alegria!

Wearing Big Bear in his carrier just like Mommy used to carry Odette:

Do you see how she has positioned her animals on top of each other?  She is so imaginative!  Cameron and I think she should work at a zoo when she grows up!!!  :)

Cousin Cadee called today!  I talked to her for a little bit and then she and Alegria had a nice conversation over the phone!  It was so cute!  :)

Odette trying to take a picture of herself:

First of all, Odette, you need to turn the camera ON.  Second of all, you need to face it towards you.  Hahaha!

Odette:  "Is that what the problem is?"

Odette: "Well then, will you please take a picture of me?"

I got this in the mail a couple of days ago...a picture that Alegria colored in her preschool class.  :)  She must have left it there and Betony mailed it to me...or it was meant to be mailed because they learned the letter "M" last week and "mail" and "mommy" start with the letter "M!"  In any case, it was so fun to get something personal in the mail!!!  :)

I can't tell what he's thinking...

...probably, "Put the camera down, Woman!"  Hahaha!  :)

What a wonderful day!  :)

Have a great night everyone!!!

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