Friday, November 4, 2011


Today we had preschool again.  On Wednesday we focused more on the letter "J" and the number "10."  Today we focused more on the shape "square" and the color "white," but still incorporated the other two.  The craft today was "Jasper the Juggling Jester."

Since we're studying squares, I used the program "Paint" on my computer to substitute squares instead of circles on this clip art picture I found of a jester juggling.  Then I made it so that the squares were resting on a wheel and I put a slit in the hands of the jester so that the wheel could be slipped through and be turned.  I put ten squares, since we learned the number "10" this week, and that way as the children turned the wheel, they could also count all the way to ten!  I also made up a little story that I read to the children while they colored their jester and reiterate the letter "J:"

"Jasper the Juggling Jester juggled ten squares joyously while telling jokes to Judy, a Jet-flying jousting judge.  Then Jester and Judy jived in a jerky and jiggly way to the jay-filled jungle. Their lives were jeopardized when javelins jutted down from the rain-jeweled sky.  Jasper and Judy jointingly jumped onto a juniper and sang a jazzy tune while doing a jigsaw to pass the time.  They were in a jam because they were hungry and out of they jogged to Jersey and bought a jar of jell-o, put on some jeans, and jaunted away to their jobs.  Jumping Jellyfish!  That journey would have been jiffier in a Jeep!"
They glued the story to the back of their jester.  :)

At snack time the children had juice and juicy fruit snacks in jack-o-lantern containers (that I found for 50% off after Halloween!).
Fruit snacks can stick to your teeth sometimes:

Once snack time was over, we worked on making white snowflakes.  Some children needed more help than others with the use of their scissors, but for the most part, they did pretty well.

After all of the children left, I went to get Odette from her nap.  She was glad that I had saved her a snack:

I dozed a little on the couch while the girls played...

When Daddy got home, he took the girls to the park for an hour so that I could have a little time to unwind and relax.  I took that time to clean up and vacuum.  It felt so nice to get everything back to the way it was before preschool this week!

Daddy came home with Alegria and Odette about an hour later...bearing treats of Dairy Queen sundaes!  YUM! 

Then we all just relaxed and played the rest of the evening.

While we were in Odette's room playing, I got a video of Cameron butting heads with the girls...for some reason, Odette is a head-butter!  I've been trying to get her to "kiss," but instead of using her lips...she instead butts her head against mine...and now that's become her thing!  Haha!  And of course, Alegria wants to join in on the fun!

Once the girls were in bed, Cameron put together a cube puzzle that I had given to the children at preschool today.  It was for them to see that there is a square on each side of a cube and I used it to have them count the sides and corners of the squares and then they got to take one home.  Alegria kept taking hers apart, so I kept putting it back together for her.  Cameron and I both agreed that it looks easier than it actually is!

The finished product:

Then he and I watched some college football.

Now it's off to bed!


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