Monday, November 7, 2011

Low-Key Day

We went on our walk this morning and then came home.

Once we got home, Odette found Alegria's boots and proceeded to put them on...

...but only got as far as putting ONE on (and on the wrong foot at that!) and then Alegria decided she'd put the other one on!  They wore a boot each for a while...

...until Odette got sleepy and began to get fussy.  So off came the boot and off to bed she went for a much-needed nap!

Here's Alegria taking pictures of me with my old camera:

Later on, when Daddy was home from work, we went out to the front yard while Daddy worked on his truck.  Alegria wanted to play with some flags...

Alegria: "Mommy, here's your flag!"

Odette: "Daddy, can we ride your bike?"

Daddy's Daring Dames:

Aside from that, our day was pretty low-key.  I did get a few videos of Odette drinking out of a small cup...but again, I'm having trouble with the video feature on the camera and we haven't found the manual yet (maybe it got lost somewhere between Iraq and here...?), and so I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, even though it seems to be similar to my old camera.  *sigh*

Oh well!  I'll just have to contact Panasonic and ask them what I'm doing wrong...


Good night!

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