Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tea Party With Daddy!

Today we went to story time and afterwards, Odette was so inspired that she took out a whole collection of Disney story books that she got for her birthday from Quinn and Madden and read each and every one:

After lunch, Odette went down for a nap and I painted Alegria's fingernails and toenails:

When Odette woke up from her nap, we all played with blocks in the living room.  Alegria built this...specifically with a steeple and then said, "Mommy, it's the Temple!"  What a cutie!!!

Odette had some important phone calls to make:

And used her walker as a scooter:

Alegria pretended to be a dog and that the bar stool was her dog house:

Daddy came home with dinner and I didn't even cut Odette's pizza up this time...she's getting to be such a big girl and is eating more and more like one every day!

But sometimes she still eats like a chipmunk and stores her food in her cheek...for later:

Then we had a tea party with Daddy!  It was tons of fun watching this football lovin', deer huntin', steak eatin', tough Army man pretend to eat delicate crumpets and sip delectable tea with his two little princesses:

Alegria: "It's hot!"

Blowing on her tea so that it's not hot this time when she sips it!

Apparently it was Alegria's birthday today, too!

Blowing on his tea...

The tea party all done, then it was time to clean up...I had no idea Alegria was strong enough to carry both of her chairs at once!  Boy, she's strong!!!  :)

What a fun day!

Good night!  :)

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