Friday, November 25, 2011

Crafty Man

We started Cameron's day off doing some laundry...

Then we followed Cameron to Harley Davidson to get a regular check-up/service on his motorcycle:

We should have called Harley first, though...they were booked.  So the rest of our errands, we had to run them on two separate vehicles.  Oh well!

Once home and while Odette napped, I worked some more on my advent calendar and Cameron and Alegria took a walk with Isis.  Alegria insisted on holding the leash and both she and Isis did a pretty good job!

After Odette's nap, we went back out.  Cameron had an idea for a centerpiece he wanted to make using the antlers of the two bucks he's shot the last two times he's gone hunting, so we headed over to Hobby Lobby to get some materials:

Today Cameron learned how absolutely expensive crafting is...but he also learned how thrilling and exciting it is to shop at Hobby Lobby!  Haha!  :)

Home again, while I prepared dinner, Odette got into her usual shenanigans and played in the tupperware cabinet.  She also found a sticker and tried applying it to her face.  She's starting to get a love of stickers...just like Alegria!

We had dinner and then played until bedtime:

After putting the girls to bed, both Cameron and I got to crafting.  We tried out different ways to place the antlers:

Then Cameron sawed some slits in them in order to tie them together with floral wire so that they'd stay put:

Finally we began the task of arranging the floral pieces in the antlers:

I only helped Cameron a little with his project.  He did all the rest:

And I must came out GORGEOUS!!!  Cameron amazed me with yet another hidden skill he has!!!  WOW!!!  He could sell this:

And that was our day!

Good night!!!  :)

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