Friday, June 19, 2009

10 Months Old!

Today Alegria turned 10 months old...I can't believe it! Only two more months and she'll be 1!!! Sadly, today we had to say goodbye to Cameron for a few days, too. He'll be out in the field for a few days and won't be back until Monday sometime. Here he is, getting the last of his stuff in his rucksack before heading out:

A picture with Daddy before leaving:

Alegria: "No, I'VE got the funnier looking face, Daddy! And I can hold it longer than you can!"

"See...I told you so!"

A final goodbye kiss:

Wave goodbye to Daddy! We'll see you soon, Love!

Back home, Alegria was back to her she's reaching for some of Cameron's safety goggles:

Here she took off her hairbow...again:

And here I attempted to get a picture of her at 43 weeks and I waited til today so the picture could also be of her 10 months! :) Alegria was a little upset that her Daddy wasn't here to make funny faces at her during the pictures, though, and so she wasn't very cooperative. I never got a big smile out of her:

Alegria was finally glad we finished the photo session and decided she wanted to play peek-a-boo:

Here Alegria and I are passing a credit card back and forth. She found Daddy's wallet and wanted to play with his cards.

In this one Alegria was blowing spit bubbles!

And for some reason, she really loves to play with the office chair!

As well as with tupperware!

I asked her why she liked to play with those things, and she said, "I don't know, Mommy, I just do!"

Silly girl! The rest are just random pictures of Alegria enjoying herself and me enjoying her silliness. :)

Alegria: "What?! Bed time already?! You're kidding, right, Mommy?"

And that was the end of our first day without Daddy during this time out in the field. I put Alegria to bed at about 8:45 and I'm sure hoping that she'll sleep well tonight. If only I had the last Twilight book to read...I don't want to go to bed yet. Oh well. I guess TV will be my companion tonight!

Good night!

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