Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tranquil Tuesday

Today was a quiet day. Cameron was out in the field all day, so it was just Alegria and me at home. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary that happened today. We just played, took short naps, and played some more. :) We also took a walk in the early afternoon. It was really muggy, though, so it wasn't a long walk.

Here Alegria is looking for a hairband in our suitcase...

Alegria: "My red hairband HAS to be in here somewhere, I just know it!"

Alegria: "Mommy, did you take my red hairband?"

I wish I had gotten pictures of her doing this before...she accidentally closed the suitcase on herself and had to crawl out of it! It was pretty funny!

Well, Cameron texted me about 30 minutes ago to tell me he was back at Marshall (a building here, I think) and that he would be home in a bit. I can't wait to see him!!!

Good night!

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