Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fort Knox Water Park

What a lovely Saturday! Cameron didn't have to work today, so we all got to sleep in...well...if you call 7:30 sleeping in! :)

When Alegria took her morning nap, this is how we found her when we walked in the bedroom:

Later on, Cameron was putting away his workout equipment...and of course, Alegria was right there to help!

So Cameron had a little fun with her!

Once Cameron had everything in the box, Alegria kept wanting to play with it, so as he moved the box around himself, she kept following it and making circles around him in the process! I should have gotten a video! It was too funny! :)

Then we went to the Fort Knox Water Park. We thought we were smart to get there at 11 am, right when it opened...but I guess everyone else was "smart" too! No sleeping-in here! There was a line at the gate when we arrived. It didn't take too long to get through, though, so that was good.

I must say, the water at this water park was warmer than the water there at the pool at Fort Hood in Texas when we went. I was surprised. Anyway. Alegria really enjoyed the water park...though it may not seem so by the look on her face!

There was this mushroom thing at the water park. Cameron took Alegria through it...and THAT, she did not like. Cameron told me that the water was coming down pretty hard, so I guess she was justified in her dislike of the mushroom.

It didn't take long to get her back in a good mood, though. Daddy just had to get her interested in something else!

Daddy and daughter...just a chillin'!

Alegria didn't really know what to do about the spouting water, so Daddy tried showing her how to play with it...

...and when she still didn't "get it," Cameron and Alegria just chilled some more and posed for a picture.

We hadn't been there long when one of the lifeguards blew the whistle and instructed everyone to get out of the water. Alegria was not happy about that:

But then Alegria realized there were quite a few characters at the water park and she spent the time out of the water, just people-watching! Can you believe Cameron, Alegria, and I were pretty much the only ones there without tattoos? There was even a little boy who had a fake tattoo on his arm!

I don't know how long we were out of the water, but I want to say it was about 15 minutes. Maybe it was so that they could clean the bugs out of the water that had landed in there so far. Maybe it was to give the lifeguards a break...though, I don't see why they couldn't just go one at a time so there's always a lifeguard there. I don't know. Everyone else must have known, though, because they all came prepared...with lunches, snacks, drinks...and they just ate and drank while they waited. Oh well! It wasn't too bad just waiting.

When the wait was over, Alegria was extremely happy to go back in the water.

After about an hour at the water park, we finally went home.

Once home we showered and took naps. Then we went grocery shopping. Here Alegria is holding a gallon of milk. When Cameron tried taking it away from her to put it in the cart, she had a fit, so we let her hold on to it.

The rest of the day was uneventful. It was a great day filled with family fun!!!

Oh! I almost forgot! Today while at home, Cameron was playing with Alegria and they came over to where I was. I motioned to Alegria to come to Cameron let go of her as I reached me arms out...and she took a step towards me! I don't know if she would have kept going because I instinctively reached for her after that first step. Cameron and I were so surprised that she took her first step that we stared at each other for a few seconds! It was so exciting! I'm sure she'll be walking soon!!!


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