Friday, June 12, 2009

Born to Shop!

Today was another relaxing day. Alegria and I didn't do too much other than stay home and play.

Cameron had texted me while he was at work for me to order a pizza at about 4. Alegria woke up from her nap right before I made the call. As I was calling Papa John's, I was snuggling with Alegria and she was holding onto Big Bear. Well...then I gave the place my card information and as soon as Alegria got her eye on my credit card, she reached for it and grabbed it! She was so happy with it in her hands, I thought it was hilarious, so I put her down to go and get the camera and snap a picture:

I love this picture! In it, her little facial expression reminds me of my friend Kharin's little girl, Abby!

"Charge, please."

Alegria sure loves having that credit card in her hands! Beware, Daddy! Not only does Mommy love to shop, but apparently Alegria inherited that shopping gene!

Who can say no to this little face, though?

Near the end of the night, Daddy is exhausted from the long two weeks of work (he hasn't had a day off since he started working when we got back). Here he and Alegria are just chillin'.

And that wraps it up for today!


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