Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Crazy Climber

Alegria and I had a quiet day at home today.

Here is Alegria helping me get stuff out of the fridge for lunch:

Alegria: "Water, Mother?"

"Or milk?

"Milk it is! does a body good!"

I tried getting Alegria to pose for her 44-week picture, but it was a bust smiles at all:

She even tried escaping!

Alegria: "This is what I think of your amateur photo shoots, Mommy: Pffllt!"

"I'm outta here!"

And as if watching her constantly weren't enough, now I've got to watch her like a hawk! She decided to be a climber today and she climbed up on her toy shelf and played there for about a minute...

...before climbing back down:

Also, today she stood on her own for about 5 seconds! It was so exciting! We'll have a walker soon!!!

Have a good night!

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