Friday, June 26, 2009

Last Friday at Fort Knox!

While Daddy was at work, Alegria and I played. Here, she is rattling an empty baby food jar that I put a few pennies into. She loves the noise it makes! :)

Later on, I brought out my boxed "Friends" DVD collection and she happily pushed it around.

Alegria: "Yes, it's amusing, if I do say so myself!"

"See how fun this is?!"

Not long after, I heard some noise in the kitchen...and I found her pushing around the bar stool! I was surprised because they're a bit heavy! I'm sure Alegria will be walking soon! With her being so interested in pushing things, one day she's bound to just let go and walk around unassisted!

After her nap, she played with Big Bear for a little bit.

And of course, as she's playing "mechanic" with her stroller and I want to take a picture, she comes racing towards me! I love her laughing face!

I also love her sniffling face!

When Cameron got off work, we waited for the evening to cool off a bit and then we went to the park. Here, Cameron teaches Alegria how to climb the steps:

Her little legs are just high enough for her to take them one at a time and very slowly!

Can you tell she's excited to finally have reached the top? She's screaming and she's also on her tip-toes! :)

Alegria: "This is a weird looking kind of floor!"

"Hi Mommy!"



"I'm Queen of the World!"

Cute baby bum!

Alegria makes her way through the tunnel...

Alegria wasn't smiling in this picture, but she DID like the slide! In fact, she went down it alone many times!!!

Back home, Daddy took her a bath, even though she'd had one last night. She got really dirty at the park!

She almost doesn't fit in the sink anymore!!!

And now that she's in bed, Cameron and I get to spend the rest of the night together. Tomorrow he has the day off, so we get to sleep in! long as Alegria will let us. :)

Good night!

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  1. Hahaha! I have that same boxed set of Friends! LOVE them!!


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