Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Little Monkey

Here's the thing...Alegria plays really well by herself now, so if you're playing with her and she decides she wants to entertain herself, you don't have to can sit on the couch and just watch her, or crack open a book, or turn on the TV...but if you decide to get on the computer for a minute, well, as soon as you do, she's RIGHT THERE, too! She's gotta be a new generation seems technology is in her blood. Needless to say, it's hard for Cameron to study with Alegria's little pudgy fingers trying to type on his laptop!

In comes Mommy to the rescue! Alegria usually follows me EVERYWHERE, so once she was bugging Daddy, I decided to go wash the afternoon's dishes...and of course, Alegria followed me to the kitchen...but only to make more mischief!

Here she is playing with the tupperware in the living room. I was trying to teach her to place her teddy bear (Big Bear) in a sitting position in the tupperware...but she couldn't quite get it...

...and she got frustrated.

I calmed her down and showed her no avail. I'm sure she'll figure it out eventually. :) In the meantime, she moved on to another task.

Alegria: "I should put all of my eggs in one basket..."

"Or maybe I should count my chicks before they hatch..."

"Either way, I'll need a spoonful of sugar to get THAT medicine down!"

"Mmm! Medicine!" (Not's an empty graduated syringe that we used to feed her formula with when she was first born. She likes to play with it now and then!)

Dinnertime came and because I was feeding Alegria carrots tonight, I decided to take her onesie off and leave just a bib on her. I don't have her high chair here. At first I had tried feeding her as she sat in her stroller, but she kept sucking on every part of the stroller and getting it dirty and I didn't like the cleanup afterwards. Then I tried having her sit on the couch as I fed her, but she kept trying to stand up and I didn't want the couch dirty, so that idea was quickly tossed out. Finally, I decided to have her sit on the counter in the kitchen. Sure, she still tries to get up, but cleaning up her finger smudges from the microwave and the counter top are much easier than cleaning the stroller or the couch. Sure, she grabs stuff, but her grabbing the bananas is not so bad. :) So this is where she eats. It also puts her at the perfect height for me to feed her.

Our little monkey. :)

Oh...did I mention Alegria LOVES the refrigerator?! As soon as she hears the refrigerator door open, she scrambles as fast as her little legs can get her there and tries to play with everything in reach! We constantly have to pull her away from it, though, if she still likes the fridge so much later on, I know what her cleaning chore will be!

Daddy is making Lok-Lak, a yummy Cambodian dish. Alegria wants to help!

Or does she just want to express her undying love to the refrigerator?!

Chillin' in the kitchen while Daddy fixes dinner:

Playing with a ponytail of mine while I was getting her bath water ready:

Alegria is such a joy to behold each and every day! :)

I almost forgot! This afternoon, we were watching The Cosby Show and Cameron had popped some popcorn...well, without being asked or us staging it or anything, Alegria started feeding her Daddy the popcorn herself!!! It was so cute!!!

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