Monday, June 22, 2009

Together Again!

OH HAPPY DAY!!! We had to wait til 4:30, but it was worth it when Cameron came and knocked on our door...we were waiting for him and so excited to see his wonderful smiling face again!!! We love him so very much!!!

Alegria: "I was right, Mommy! I knew Daddy wouldn't be home til the end of the work day!"

Alegria was so excited to play with Daddy again!

Awww! What a beautiful and happy reunion!

Here Alegria is playing with a fan that Cameron bought in Cambodia years and years ago when he was on his mission...

"What? I have to be careful?"

"Well, that's no fun!"

"Well, if I can't play with the fan anymore, then I'm taking off my bow!"

"Ha! Take THAT, hairbow!"

Now she's just being silly...

My, my!!! :)

Before her bath, Cameron was holding Alegria on his knees and she was making some cute sounds. Oh, the fun! :)

Well, Alegria went to bed at about 8, but it's now 10 and she's crying. I'll have to go get her back to sleep and hopefully when I do it will still be early enough to spend some more alone time with Cameron. I'm so happy that our little family is back together again!!!

Good night!!!

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  1. Yay for being together again!! Tell Cameron I said happy (late) father's day! And that I (and all of us are) am glad that he's part of our family since he's such a wonderful husband to you, father to Alegría, friend to us, and soldier for our country.

    And I love the newest videos of Alegría...I can't believe she's already said her first word and started exploring walking and doing so many new things!!!! She's so precious!!


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