Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Patton Museum

Cameron got out of work early today, so when he got back and after Alegria got up from her nap, we decided to head over to the Patton Museum. On our way, we saw an Apache helicopter. Cool!

When we arrived, Alegria wanted to know:

"Can I drive us home afterwards? See? I even know where the horn is if I want to honk it at someone!"

There were many things to see and read at the Museum.

Here's an old machine gun...it's huge!

And here's an actual Nazi flag, signed by over 150 members of the 761st Tank Battalion who captured it. Some of the signatures are from Silver Star and Bronze Star winners from the battalion.

I really liked this piece of art. "WE CAN WE WILL" It reminds me of Cameron's dedication...and also lets me know that I can and I will, too. :)

As we walked through the Patton Museum and read up on a lot of history, Alegria grew to appreciate her father's work even more and decided to follow in his footsteps...and joined the Army right then and there! :)

I loved reading these displays. It reminded me of the sacrifices that soldiers make for us and made me appreciate them so much more.

Daddy and Alegria admire an effigy of a soldier.

Here's a pretty neat display of some soldiers in a trench:

And here's a statue of a cavalry horse and rider:

Need I explain?

This was one of the tanks of Hitler's army:

And here's a US Tank. I LOVE the inscription on the side: Hitler's Nightmare!

One side of a piece of the fallen Berlin Wall:

The other side:

This tank is HUGE:

There was a fake simulator in the museum for people to try out. Cameron decided to give Alegria her first tank gunner lesson:

Cameron : "Gunner, SABOT, tank, fire and adjust!"

Alegria: "Huh? What? I'm up!"

Alegria: "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention... What am I supposed so shoot at?"

This simulator is more like the real thing, Cameron told us.

A closeup:

The head of the statue of Hitler that was blown up:

Finally, we got to the area of the museum that was dedicated to Patton. Here's his limo:

Here's his helmet and bomber jacket:

A painting of General Patton:

Last, but not least, we saw some more tanks outside:

Alegria enjoys being outside again:

A helicopter outside the museum:

Alegria stops to smell the flowers:

Say "Cheese!"

A family photo:

Once home, Alegria took a nap. When she woke up, she was rested and was her silly self again:

As well as her mischieveous self!

We had a great day!


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  1. Ha! That picture of Alegria joining the army is awesome!!


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