Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Stroll

Cameron left early today to go in to work. Since he had the truck, that meant that Alegria and I were home-bound. So...we took a little stroll to enjoy our Heavenly Father's creations.

Here, Alegria is learning that her sandals are held onto her feet by velcro...which she has found out she can undo...

I am able to keep her shoes on and I take her out of the stroller so she can walk a little. Today our exploring grounds are the picnic area behind our apartment.

In this picture, Alegria has discovered the tree roots poking out from the ground. I let her touch them so she can feel the texture.

Then she decides she wants to sit on the ground and explore her new surroundings.

She finds lots of little twigs.

And when I'd had enough of keeping the grass and twigs out of her mouth, I plopped her on a picnic table...

...which intrigued her as well!

We finally went inside and Alegria had a hay-day unfolding the laundry that I had folded, and placed it on her head! What a silly little girl we have!!!

Then she decided to take the plastic off of her lion puzzle piece...

...and put it in her mouth! What to do? What to do?

So I took it away.

Here Alegria is, standing with her back to the couch. She's getting more confident in her standing skills and we're hoping that this will lead to her taking her first steps!

It was a great day for a stroll today and I wish Cameron had been here so we could share it together, but now the baby's in bed and I'm off to bed, too...alone. Tomorrow Cameron should be back and the day will be even better!

Good night!

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