Monday, June 8, 2009

Daddy's Home!!!

Cameron told me he was supposed to be here this morning. While we waited for his return, Alegria decided to catch up on some reading. She wanted to get to know her Daddy's branch in the Army better so she could impress him with her knowledge of the Cavalry and Armor. :)

Not too long after, Alegria discovered a little niche in which to "hide!"

"No, Mommy! This is MY hiding spot! You have to find a different place to hide to surprise Daddy when he comes home!"

Cameron ended up coming home later than anticipated...but he was home! :) Not long after he arrived, Alegria took a nap and Cameron and I got a little bit of time together.

When Alegria woke up, we watched a little TV and a commercial that Alegria really liked came on...Cameron, though, was being a little too loud...

"Daddy, please be quiet...this is my favortie part!" :)

Here Alegria and Daddy are paying real close attention to the TV.

Then Alegria snuggled up to me.

Later on, we went grocery shopping. Alegria looked real cool in my sunglasses! I tried getting her to smile...

...and then decided I needed to put her bow on! Much better! :)

And flirty! Yowzah!

Also, today is Alegria's last day of being 41 weeks old, so we took her 41-week picture:

Then Cameron bathed Alegria and put her to bed and now he and I have some time to spend together. It's so great to have him home again!

Have a good night!

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