Friday, June 5, 2009

Fresh air! And grass & dirt...

Today Alegria decided to see if Daddy had any interesting items in his night stand.

All she found was Mommy's sunglasses...not too exciting.

Since it was a beautiful day outside, I decided we should take a walk. We saw a bird. Is this a robin? I have no clue.

Then we came back in so Alegria could take a nap. After her nap, we again just played inside for a little bit. She decided to play with the plastic film covering her elephant puzzle piece...

And then proceeded to crawl around with it in her mouth. I took it away from her then. I need to borrow some scissors from the management office and cut it all off before she starts using her solitary tooth as a knife!

When I took the puzzle piece away, there wasn't anything Alegria wanted to play with inside anymore, so we took a walk. It was pretty nice, so I decided to take Alegria out of her stroller so she could also "walk." Well, we only got a few feet when she decided she was more interested in the sidewalk...

...and her shadow, apparently!

I tried taking her to the grassy area, but before we reached it, she again plopped herself down!

We finally made it to the grass, and sure enough, it was interesting to her. :)

It was so interesting, she wanted to eat it!

For the most part, I was able to get all the grass away from her before she ate it. I let her get close a few times for the sake of getting the following cute pictures...

...but there's a slight possibility that while I was looking towards the road to see if Cameron was on his way home that she may have ingested a bit of grass and dirt. Oh well! God made dirt, so dirt don't hurt! (In small quantities, I'm sure!) At least we got some fresh air in the process. :)

When Cameron finally got home, we spent some good quality time together. We took another walk as a family and then we went out to dinner.

Now we're home and Cameron put Alegria to bed. I think we'll stay up a little longer and watch some TV. We won't stay up too late, though, because Cameron has to work tomorrow.


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  1. My goodness, she's so beautiful!!! :D I love the way you write your blogs from Alegría's perspective as well. :) I can't believe she's getting so big! She'll be walking around in no time!


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