Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ride 'em Cowgirl!

Today was a fun day, though you couldn't tell it by the pictures I got of Alegria!

Cameron got out of work at about 10:30. We played and then headed out to go get the truck weighed. For the Army, they reimburse travel expenses and stuff, but you have to have the weight of the stuff you transport, so today we took the weight of the truck "empty." On our way, Alegria didn't want her hairbow in and in her attempt to take it off, she got it caught in her ear...she was not happy about that! So we took it off.

When we got to the weigh station, there were a couple of cars ahead of us, so Cameron had Alegria on his lap and let her "drive" while we waited. That made her happy. :)

Back home, I tried nursing Alegria to put her down for a nap, but she didn't want to nurse. Then I tried playing with her and she didn't want to play either...so here she is throwing a temper tantrum:

I finally just took Alegria into the bedroom and laid her in her crib, where she cried for five minutes and then fell asleep. I knew she was tired. She was just fighting it.

After her nap, she was in a much better mood. Here she is playing with one of Daddy's pens. She adores pens and markers. I wonder if she'll be an artist when she grows up...

Then Daddy decided to give Alegria "rides" on his back. She loved it! I even got a few cute videos! She'll have to practice hard so that when we finally have Cyrus, our trusty old horse, back in Texas with us, she can learn to ride him as well as her Daddy rides! :)

Later on, Cameron had to go back to a briefing for work, so Alegria and I went to the Commissary to get some groceries.

Once home, since Daddy was still gone, we got Big Bear from Alegria's crib and I had her hold him and I held her and we read Alegria's books multiple times. We brought to Kentucky with us three books: Goodnight Moon, Sheep in a Jeep, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. She loves Goodnight Moon so much! It's well worn already. She also really enjoys The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I think she enjoys this one because it's very colorful AND a few of the pages are different sizes and have holes where the caterpillar has "eaten" through certain fruits and treats. She loves sticking her little fingers in the holes. :)

When Cameron got home from work, he played some more with Alegria. By 7:30, though, she looked like this:

So Daddy got Alegria ready for bed. She was asleep and in her crib by 8.

Now Cameron is studying for a test he has tomorrow and I'm just here updating my blog. :)

Good night!

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