Thursday, June 18, 2009

Almost Walking! But Not Quite...

Yesterday she did it, but as soon as we tried to get a video, Alegria got camera-shy and I wasn't able to capture the moment. Well, this morning, I was able to catch Alegria in the act! Here she is, walking behind her stroller! Sure, it's not long, but it's something! We're hoping that soon she'll get the courage to walk on her own!

That was the highlight of the day. :)

Later on, I was stacking Alegria's blocks on her toy shelf and she was reaching through the side and knocking them down. I would accuse her of toppling my tower and she would laugh her one-toothed little laugh! So cute!

Alegria is SO precious!!!

legria: "You caught me red-handed, Mommy! Am I to stay behind bars all my life, then?"

In this picture, I thought she looked very penitent, so I let her off the hook! ;)

"What?! It needed a tune-up!"

Alegria went to bed at about 8. Now Cameron gets to pack. He's going out into the field tomorrow and won't be back til Monday. We'll sure miss him, but soon enough, he'll be back!

Good night!

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  1. oh how crappy! Cameron will miss Father's Day! Such is a soldier's life I guess. I'm sure Alegria will make it up to him :)


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