Sunday, June 14, 2009

Soothing Sunday

Today was a nice day. Alegria and I got up at about 7:30 and let Cameron sleep a little longer. As we played, Alegria decided to pull herself up on her stroller. I thought maybe she'd walk behind it a little if she pushed it, but she didn't like that and sat back on her bum. Then at about 8:15, Alegria took a nap...and so did I.

At about 9:30, Cameron came to let me know what time it was. Alegria woke up then. Then we all got ready and left for Church.

Church was nice. Alegria did pretty well during sacrament meeting. We had to quiet her down a little, though, because she was singing a little out of tune and it was embarassing. Hahaha! No, just kidding. :) But she WAS "talking" loudly and we did have to try to get her to use her inside voice.

Once home, Alegria and I took a nap. Alegria slept for about an hour. When she woke up, Cameron took her to the living room and played with her. I slept for another hour.

During my nap, I had a dream that I owned a motorcycle! Weird! I've never wanted to own or ride one!

Anyway. When I finally got up and went to the living room, Cameron and Alegria were having a grand old time. Cameron even tried his beret on Alegria!

Alegria wasn't very keen on wearing the beret, so Daddy showed her how it's supposed to be worn. She was impressed! :)

Here they are rolling Alegria's snack ball back and forth:

And later, I tried putting Alegria to bed at 7:30. This picture was taken 25 minutes later:

So we consented and let Alegria out of her crib. Her screams were very angry and didn't sound like she would be going to sleep at all any time soon.

Here Cameron's trying on Alegria's belt sash as a ninja head band...Alegria wants it...of course!

So I tried it on her and she actually left it on for a little bit!

Alegria finally went to sleep at 10 pm. Now Cameron and I can spend a couple of hours together before going to bed!

Good night!!!

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