Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Homework Helper

When Daddy got home from work today, he had some homework to do, so Alegria decided she would help him by opening up his map and getting started on plotting points...

Alegria: "How does this map open up?"


"I can do it all by myself! I just need a minute!"

"Isn't there a pull tab on here somewhere that opens it up?"

"There we go!"

"Daddy! I got the map opened! What coordinates do I need to plot?"

"Oh! I'm sitting on them? I'm sorry!"

"I guess I'll move out of the way!"

"Hey! You were taking pictures of me this whole time, Mommy?! My hair is a mess! Give me that camera! I need to delete those photos!"

"Now to fold this map back up..."

"Why are maps so difficult to fold?!"

"Daddy! You need my help...let me give you a hand."

"If you'll just give me the folder, I can dictate and you can plot!"

"Ok. The first point is A-37."

"The next one is D-51."

"I think that's it."

"Did you get all of the points plotted Daddy? I need to work out now!"

"Oh yes! I feel the burn!"

"Now I need to call my trainer and let him know that tomorrow if it's raining too hard we can't do our 5-mile stroller run."

"I need to get my own cell phone so I don't have to worry about phone cords!"

"Ok, Daddy, NOW we can play!"

"And this little piggy got eaten!!!"

"That's all folks!" :)

As a side note, Alegria stayed up late today, even though I tried the same bedtime routine. I'm guessing it was the fact that she took two 1.5-hour naps today, whereas yesterday she took 2 45-minute naps. I'll have to watch that for tomorrow and see if my guess is right.

Good night!

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