Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Week Begins...

Monday: for Alegria and me, just another day. For Cameron, the beginning of another week of work.

Alegria and I enjoyed the day playing indoors since it was thundery and wet outside.

When Cameron got back from work, we all relaxed inside and then Cameron went biking at the gym. At home, he did push ups. For some reason, Alegria really likes this contraption that he uses to do push ups! She kept getting in his way and I had to steer her clear of his elbows so he wouldn't knock her down as he did his push ups! When he was done, he let her play with it a little bit.

Then we took Alegria's 42 week picture. She came up with some wacky poses! (Excuse our toes in some of these!)

I think she looks like a little monkey in this one!

After that, Cameron had some studying to do.

Alegria: "Need some help, Daddy?"

Once Cameron was done studying and I had nursed Alegria, it was then my turn to go to the gym. When I got back, Cameron told me he'd tried putting her to bed, but that she had screamed for 30 minutes before he took her out of her crib. So she stayed up late again. I'm going to have to correct this staying up late somehow...

Anyway. Now I've got to go make dinner and Cameron and I will hopefully be able to salvage some of our night to spend together since Cameron will be out in the field again tomorrow!

Oh! And here's a video of Alegria jammin' her American Pride! :)

Have a great night!

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  1. 42 weeks! Wow, that's gone fast. You sound like you're doing good though.


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