Saturday, June 6, 2009

On D-Day: Fort Duffield

Even though it's Saturday, Cameron had to go in to work. While he was gone, Alegria and I took a walk. Today we saw a squirrel real up close! We followed it along...

...until it went up a tree and we couldn't see it anymore.

Not long after we returned home, what a big surprise it was when Cameron got home early!!! It was close to Alegria's nap time, though, so we let her nap and even dozed off ourselves. When we got up, we got ready and headed off to a park outside of Fort Knox.

Unfortunately, the park we were intending to go to was closed. On our way home, though, we stumbled across the remains of Civil War Fort Duffield...and we ventured in.

It was so beautiful and green! It was no surprise to find butterflies flying all over!

Cameron and Alegria pose for the camera at the junction to go to either the cemetery or the Fort. We go to the Fort.

At the very start of our little "tour," Cameron reads up on the background of Fort Duffield.

Alegria waits patiently to continue with the tour.

Here is a view of the Ohio River and Indiana beyond!

There are many rolling hills in the area.

Cameron takes Alegra out of her stoller to walk the grounds.

Alegria loves being carried in the strong arms of her Daddy!

From what I read on some signs around, the winter of 1861-1862 was a really cold one. The soldiers were instructed to build their own little warm cabins and here are a couple, complete with fireplaces! Even so, they lost a lot of soldiers to the cold, typhoid, measles, and pneumonia.

The area was so lush and green!

Alegria and two loves!

Taking a walk on the top of a small hill...

More beauty all around...

We found a huge stump and decided to get a picture of Alegria on top of it...

She's the Queen of the Hill!

She can't stand on her own Cameron thought I was done taking the pictures and was getting up from behind her, hence why you see him in this one!

Alegria liked being carried on Daddy's shoulder!

She liked climbing up the stairs, too!

Here's the bridge we took to come into the Fort:

A closeup of Cameron and Alegria. :)

The chaplain's little church house:

And I believe this was Colonel Duffield's cabin:

Another view of the Ohio, with a quaint, red church building in view:

This is the pathway to the cemetery:

Today was a beautiful day! We were all so happy that we were able to be together to enjoy the wonderful, sunny weather, and that we were able to visit Fort Duffield. It was a great experience to think back to those days and imagine the soldiers and the life they must have lived.

On this D-Day, we also remember all of the soldiers who have done so much, even given their very lives for our freedom. We must never forget that freedom is not free.

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