Thursday, June 25, 2009

In the way...

When Cameron graduated from his BOLC III class, he (and all of the other soldiers) were given these nifty beer mugs. Yeah. Beer mugs. Oh well...they hold water rather well, too...and Alegria's attention!

Here we tried getting a picture of Alegria wearing Cameron's garrison cap...but she didn't want to wear it.

And since we were getting pictures of all things Army, here is Alegria with Cameron's Camelbak on. She was trying to suck water out of it earlier, so I decided to put it on her and see if she'd still suck on it with it on her back.

Then, when Cameron was working out, Alegria kept getting in his way. It was so cute, though, the only thing Cameron could do, was kiss her! :)

Cameron finally just called it quits and gave Alegria more and more kisses for being so cute!

Alegria won and was very happy with herself! :)

Alegria: "What?! It wasn't MY fault Daddy stopped working out! I was just making it interesting! He's the one who gave up!"

What can I say? It was another great day!

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  1. The face she's making in the second to last pictures is priceless!!! :)


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