Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Traveling, Toothy Tuesday

Today started very early for me. We all went to bed at about midnight last night and I got up at 3:30 to finish getting the last things packed and to get myself ready before Alegria woke up. Luckily, Cameron had helped me with a lot of stuff last night. If he hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to get it all done.

So, Abilehi woke up early, too, and drove us to the airport. Our flight was at 7, so we left the house at about 5:40 to get there on time. Here are Cameron and Alegria as we waited at our gate. You can tell they're both tired. Even Alegria woke up earlier than she usually does!

Finally on the plane, Cameron gets to experience what I experience when I fly with Alegria. Here Alegria is explaining to her Daddy the safety features and exiting procedures of the plane in case of an emergency.

Once she's grilled him on his knowledge of flying etiquette, Alegria proceeds to play with Daddy by having her lamb kiss him.

Then Daddy decides to try to eat the lamb and Alegria growls at him! By the way...did I mention that Alegria has sprouted a tooth? It finally broke through the gum about a week after Cameron arrived in Texas. If you click on this picture of Alegria growling and then zoom in on it, you can see the little nub of a tooth! :)

"All carry on luggage must be properly stowed beneath the seat in front of you." There. Alegria's all set for take-off!

The flight done, we arrived at baggage claim...but claimed no baggage. So we went to the baggage service office and as Alegria and I waited for Cameron to figure out what happened and how to proceed, I came up with a theory: the more you fly, the higher probability you have of your luggage getting lost or misplaced. I must say...Alegria and I have flown more just this first half of the year than most people do in a lifetime, so it doesn't come as a surprise that we already had our luggage "lost" twice. Instead of getting upset, I figured I may as well laugh at the circumstance and look at it with a different point of view: Alegria and I are fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel back and forth so much to see Cameron, and that far outweighs the inconvenience of not having our luggage right away.

Alegria is in a good mood...

...until she sees the monstrosity of a car seat that American Airlines supplied us with to drive her home in!

Cameron has to figure out how to put this "new" car seat in.

Alegria tries to make good of the situation...

...even though the seat is a little grimy...

...but she's so tired that she falls asleep drinking some juice out of her sippy cup. :)

Once home, Cameron strutted his stuff in his new cavalry stetson! Le-rowr! ;)

Here is Alegria playing with her lamb and stroller...

...and the door stop, of course!

She was pretty much just getting reacquainted with our little home in Kentucky! The last time we were here, Alegria couldn't crawl yet, but now that she crawls and can pull herself up on furniture, she was exploring like she couldn't before!

I forgot to mention what happened when we first got to our apartment...
Our plane had arrived about an hour later because of weather delays in Dallas, but it was still early in the afternoon when we got to Kentucky. Cameron and I were so hungry that we grabbed some fast food and were anticipating having a nice, relaxing meal once we got home. When our apartment was in view, I told Cameron (jokingly), "Hey, why is all of your stuff on the curb?" He did not think it was very funny.

Well...when we got to our door, our key didn't work!!! We went across the hall to the management office...and the manager's key didn't work either! My comment wasn't so funny then! The manager called maintenance for them to come open the door for us. While we waited, we went to a little picnic area behind our apartment to have our lunch.

When the gentleman arrived, we discovered that Cameron had to go have his key re-keyed by 11 am today and that since he hadn't done it by 11, then his key had been kicked off the system. So the maintenance guy let us in and Cameron went to go get both of our keys fixed.

And then...we were supposed to have our luggage delivered by 5 pm, but it still wasn't here by Alegria's bed time. I let her stay up a little later than usual, but finally by 9:30, she was too tired to stay up longer, so I laid in our bed with her and nursed her and she fell asleep.

At about 10:30, Cameron went to go meet the delivery person because after 10 pm, they can't get on post, so it wasn't until then that our stuff got here. Because of the rain, the crib was a little wet and so was the boppy cover and the baby's bed sheets, so we had to improvise. Cameron put everything together, though, and I was finally able to put the baby in bed.

Now Cameron and I are finally off to bed ourselves.

What a day!

Good night!

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