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Last night I looked up the building number of the LDS church building here on post. It wasn't on the map, but I saw building numbers that would place it at a certain spot...didn't look like it was too far, but it DID look like it was in an area that I know has construction going on around it.

Well, this morning Alegria woke up at about 6:30, but I wasn't ready to get up. Luckily she went back to sleep. At 7:15, she woke up again and I lay in bed a few minutes wondering whether I should get up and get ready to go to church services on post at 8 am or if I should just relax and risk getting lost on the way to the Brandenburg building (our usual congregation's building) that is about 20 minutes away so that I could go to church at 11 am.

At 7:19, I quickly got up and got myself AND the baby ready in record time! We were out the door at 7:55. By 7:58 Alegria was buckled in and so was I and we were on our way.

Sure enough, there was construction on the road that I thought led to the church building. I tried a different route and luckily found myself at a parking lot a short walking distance away from the church building. As I was getting Alegria and myself out, I saw some missionaries coming outside the building. They were coming outside to greet a busload of soldiers! So we were still on time even though on my phone the time read 8:03. :) YAY!

Well, I know I must have mentioned it the first time we went to this little church service back in January, but it's a little different than our regular church services. From what the brother at the pulpit said, in order for them to hold services on post, they have to take attendance and report the numbers. So for a little while, they were asking who was a member of the church, who was visiting, who were returned missionaries, and other attendee information. The total count of soldiers packed into that little building was 101!!! It's a rather small building and one of the couple missionary sisters told me that that was the most they'd ever had in attendance! And that was only the soldiers. There were three couple missionaries, plus Alegria and me. It made for a very tight (and warm) squeeze!

Anyway. The services were nice. Between the two hours, they gave us a 15-minute break. One of the soldiers' mother and aunt and grandmother had sent over a very large batch of a variety of cookies, so the soldiers were allowed to have them during the break. From what I heard, they aren't allowed treats during training, so for them to get them at church was sure a nice thing! I wasn't going to have any so that the soldiers could all have at them, but one of them brought one for me and "for your little girl." It was so sweet!

After sacrament, there was only time for a short talk. The brother who gave it, gave it on fathers. Of course. :) I thought of Cameron as I looked at the backs of all the uniformed soldiers in front of me...and I thought of how grateful I am to have such a wonderful husband who's such a wonderful father to Alegria. We love him dearly.

Well, Alegria did really well throughout church, even though she was getting tired. After church we got home and she and I took a nap.

When we woke up from our nap, the rest of the day was pretty much spent playing and singing and usual. I kept telling Alegria, "Wouldn't it be great if they let Daddy come home today since it's Father's Day?" She agreed that it would be great...but such was not the case. Oh well. We can always hope! :)

Now on to the pictures I took today! As Alegria gets older, she's getting more camera-shy. When she sees me about to take a picture, she sometimes either comes towards me or goes away from me. And she also understands now that she can see her pictures on the camera, so maybe she comes towards me to look at herself on the contraption...but she doesn't realize that she has to sit still and pose for me to take a picture first!

Here she's coming towards me:

Alegria: "Is that camera on me...again?!"

"Look, many times do I have to tell you that it's $100 a shot? Pay up, please, and THEN we can talk poses!"

"Hm...yes, you ARE the one who produces my delicious milk...I guess you can shoot away! Let's forget our little altercation, shall we?"

"Not another picture! And you say I have to act all cuddly with you? Sheesh!"

"How's this pose? Vogue!"

In the next pictures, I was actually trying to get her to pose for me...

In this one she was trying to jump at me from the couch! It's a little blurry, but I like it anyway!

Today Alegria learned how to get off the couch! She can now get off the couch on her own...but she doesn't realize that it's not the same when she's facing towards the edge versus when her little bottom is facing the edge! She tried doing it face first a few times and I had to stop her. But when I put her bottom-first, she does really well! Hooray for accomplishments!

As I saw Alegria's hand go up to her hairbow, I told her to keep it on...

"What's that you said? You said take OFF my hairbow?"

"I can't hear you! Yes...I'm pretty sure you said OFF!"

So I kept putting it back on her and I gave her a book to distract her hands from going to her head!

It worked for a short while to get the next few shots...

...but then I had to change my approach. The boppy only worked for a very short while...

And then she'd had enough. Here Alegria is, pooped from all the picture taking and almost ready for bed... At least I got some cute pictures to show Daddy!

And that was our day and night. A quiet Father's Day spent without Daddy...but thinking of him every minute of the day.

Happy Father's Day, Cameron! Alegria and I love you very much and appreciate all you do for us. We miss you and can't wait for you to come home tomorrow!!!


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