Saturday, June 13, 2009

Falls Landing Miniature Golf

When we first got to Kentucky, Alegria was doing okay with sleeping. She would wake up at 3 to nurse...and then wake up again a few more times before finally getting up for the day. After a few days, she started getting up earlier and earlier to nurse and then more frequently throughout the night. Because Cameron has to get up so early for work, I have been getting up with Alegria in order to let him sleep. It got really bad this week, so finally last night, I gave in. We put her to bed in her crib as usual, but she woke up as we were getting ready for bed ourselves at about 11:30 (light sleeper, I guess). So we brought her in to bed with us. It was a new experience and she was awake until 1:30 before she finally settled down. That said...

We all woke up at 8. Actually, Alegria woke up at 8, and then I woke up, and then Cameron woke up. We all snuggled and played in bed for a little while, giggling and laughing at Alegria's wonderful mood this morning!

After Alegria's morning nap, we got ready and went to the miniature golf course on Post. We had a really fun time! Most of the holes were par 2, which Cameron explained to me means that you're allowed two tries in order to get the ball in the hole.

Alegria was pretty patient as we played...

...and then she got a turn! Don't you agree she's got good form? :)

Daddy had to teach her because...I'll admit it, I'm not that good!

I thought the course was really pretty with its flowers and fountains and rocks!

Here we are, the two amateurs! :)

I thought this was a good spot to get a few pictures of Alegria!

But then again, Alegria makes any spot look good! :)

By the 9th hole, the sun was melting us all, so we decided to call it a day.

So after the 9th hole, we skipped over to the 18th hole, where Cameron said that whoever made it in less tries on that last hole, would win the game! I could have won, but I choked at the last minute and gave three strokes instead of just two. Oh well. I was the only one to get a hole-in-one at one of the holes, so that was neat! In the end, Cameron beat me by one point, though.

Alegria took her hat off towards the end and as you can see, she was sweating profusely! Poor thing!

We went grocery shopping and then went home. When we got home, Alegria took a well-deserved nap. When she woke up from her nap, Cameron was in the process of packing up a few things. Alegria was very curious and tried getting into everything that Cameron was doing...

By the end of the evening, Cameron decided that she was being so curious, he was going to start calling her "George." :)

When it was her bed time, Alegria again didn't seem tired enough to go to sleep. It was okay, though, because her nightgown was still in the dryer. I had bathed her already and decided to just have her wear her bathrobe until Cameron brought the clothes back from the laundry room. What I didn't know was that she'd already outgrown this particular bathrobe! It was so tiny on her, I just had to get pictures!

And of course, instead of sticking to playing with her toys, Alegria wanted Daddy's binder! She really is Curious George!!!

Alegria finally went to bed...late again. Oh well. It was a fun day and a fun night, full of love and full of watching Alegira's antics, which brought smiles to our faces!

Good night!!!

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