Monday, June 1, 2009


TO US!!! Yes, today marks four years since Cameron and I got married! I can't believe it's been four years! WOW! :)

Since we'd gone to dinner on Saturday to celebrate our anniversary, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary that we did today. Cameron continued working on the fence. He had to go buy more stain, but Lowe's only had one gallon of stain left in the color we needed. When the gallon was empty, there was still a tiny bit of fence left. I guess it will have to wait until we get back in July!

Because it's our anniversary today, I still wanted to get a picture of our little family on this particular day...since now it's not only Cameron and me, but Alegria too! :) Here I am testing the self-timer before getting Cameron and the baby in the prevent having to readjust a lot and risk having the baby fussy and not getting a good picture.

It took us one take to get this one! YAY! :)

Once our photo shoot was done, there was packing to do. Alegria decided to help me by choosing the socks she wanted to take.

Then she inspected the suitcase to make sure it was big enough to fit all of her shoes. :)

Then she went off to play with a box.

Finally, since I was getting laundry folded, I decided to also transfer all of Alegria's clothes that were too small for her into bins for storage and bring out her bigger clothes that she'd received from her cousin Cadee into her closet. Alegria wanted to help in that process, too, so she brought me some hangers...

...and disentangled them for me.

Alegria was utterly exhausted by the end and ready to go to bed...and she deserved the rest, she was such a big help today!

Now that Alegria's in bed, I've still got more packing to do. I enjoy traveling, but now with a baby to pack for as well as for myself, it makes the process so much more difficult, since I want to make sure she has matching accessories (hair bows, shoes, socks) for her cute outfits. Let's see how long it takes me...I know it will be a long night!

Later! :)

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