Friday, October 2, 2009


Alegria and Jace play pretty well together:

Except when Alegria pats Jace's head. She just loves patting his hair! I think it's because she's jealous that he has longer hair than she does and she thinks that if she pats it and thinks long hair-y thoughts, she might just grow hers longer faster!

But Jace doesn't really like Alegria patting his head, so he usually tries to get away from her when she does:

At that point I end up changing the activity we're doing to distract Alegria from wanting to touch Jace's hair.


So...a month ago, I started folding Alegria's arms when we pray at meal times while at the same time telling her, "Fold your arms, we're going to say prayer!" And today at dinner, I said it and she did it all on her own! I tried getting a video of it right afterwards, but Alegria was so hungry she couldn't concentrate anymore. I'll have to videotape her doing that some time soon. It was so neat to see that she learned that! We're so proud of her! Now we just have to work on teaching her to close her eyes and bow her head!

Well, that was about it for today.

Goodbye for now!

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