Friday, October 30, 2009


Cameron turned the BIG 3-0 today!!! And on top of that, it's his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! 30 on the 30th!!! WOW!!! :) Unfortunately, even though Cameron didn't get home until 2am this morning after a whole week of being gone, he still had to go to work today. :( At least he got to sleep in until 8. :)

So Alegria and I hung out while we waited for Daddy to get home from work. Here's Alegria playing on the couch:

Later on, Cameron texted me to say that Alegria and I would be going to the Hail and Farewell tonight. Originally, we weren't going to go, but Cameron decided that since he hadn't seen us all week and he HAD to go, then he would bring us along. :)

A Hail and Farewell is an event where all of the officers get together to welcome newcomers and to say goodbye to those who will be leaving the unit. This Hail and Farewell happened to take place at a BBQ restaurant...hey, who doesn't love free BBQ? :)

Also, because it's the day before Halloween, the majority of officers and their wives who came to this event were in costume. One whole platoon came as Michael Jackson and his zombies from "Thriller" and they did a short rendition! Unfortunately, the sound system failed them and they had no music, or else I think it would have been pretty cool! :)

By the end of the night, Alegria was getting restless. Not only was it getting close to her bedtime, but it was also pretty boring to her. Daddy took her on a walk around the restaurant and while they were walking about, one of the chefs gave Alegria a little stuffed cow toy! She loves Benny (that's the name we gave him, after the cows that are pictured on Ben and Jerry's ice cream!)!

Our poor princess is pooped!

I couldn't let the evening go by without getting a family picture on Cameron's big 3-0! :)

When Daddy was putting Alegria to bed, he asked if she wanted Big Bear or Benny to go to bed with her...she chose both. :)

So that was our day...a very happy day! :)

HAPPY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY, BABY!!! Alegria and I love you very much and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. You're the best husband and father anyone could ever hope for, want, and have. For over five years now, since I first met you, you have been the light in my life. I can't imagine how I ever lived before you came along. Thank you for all you do for us, for the hard work and sacrifice to support us. Most especially, thank you for your love. Now that you're here, I'm forever happy, knowing that the blessings of our Temple marriage will transcend throughout all of Eternity. Knowing that makes all of the times away from you worth it...makes every one of our reunions that much more sweet! MMMUUUAAAHHH!!! <3<3<3

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