Thursday, October 1, 2009

Potty Time!

During play time, I got some very cute pictures of Jace:

During nap time, I got such a tender picture of Alegria hugging Big Bear as she sleeps:

A storm's moving in:

When Daddy got back form work today, we went to get a few groceries and picked up a potty for Alegria while we were there. Alegria was very interested in this new piece of equipment!

Now, I know that it's a little soon for Alegria to begin potty training, but I figure that if I at least expose her to the idea of a potty, she may be interested in using he potty by the time she's 18 months. We'll see. :)

Anyway. Then the storm finally broke and we went outside to take a look at the lightning!

When Cameron put Alegria to bed tonight, he had a wonderful experience. He said that as he was patting her back and singing to her (she was lying on her tummy ready to fall asleep), she all of a sudden got up on her knees and kissed him! Then she just went back down on her tummy to fall asleep. He couldn't even finish the song he was singing to her, he was so overwhelmed that he just had to leave the room. What an amazing moment! What a sweet, tender, precious moment!

These are the moments we live for.

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